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Bound by a shared passion for product development and gamification, Mike Hyzy and Bret Wardle's journey toward co-authoring "Gamification for Product Excellence" is a testament to the power of collaboration and shared interests. Their paths first converged when the publisher recognized the common thread that connected their expertise. United by their fascination with the potential of gamification, Mike and Bret discovered an instant camaraderie that extended beyond professional interests. As they exchanged ideas and insights, their friendship deepened, and the foundation for their co-authored endeavor was laid. Their mutual dedication to creating remarkable products through the infusion of gamification strategies is not only reflected in the content of their book but also in the unique partnership that blossomed through their shared mission. The result, "Gamification for Product Excellence," embodies not only their expertise but also the friendship that grew from their joint pursuit of product innovation.


My name is Mike Hyzy

Mike Hyzy is a highly experienced product strategist and senior principal consultant with a proven track record of delivering results. His expertise spans guiding cross-functional teams to successful product launches, driving growth for clients, and leveraging game mechanics for product innovation and enhancement.


As a visionary in the product development landscape, Mike has an exceptional track record for developing and executing effective product strategies, bringing innovative products to market that are known for their user engagement and market impact. Mike is known for executing big plans, bringing innovative products to market that stand out for their user engagement and market impact. He is currently working at Daugherty Business Solutions, where he contributes his significant skills and knowledge in product management to help businesses achieve their strategic goals. Mike holds critical certifications, including an NPDP certification from the Product Development and Management Association, a CSPO certification from the Scrum Alliance, and a Foresight Practitioner certification from the Institute for the Future.

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My name is Bret Wardle

Bret Wardle is a unique voice advocating for the intersection of game design psychology and software. His career has evolved from game design to software and product design, working in a wide range of organizations.


Bret's passion lies in invoking both macro and micro changes using game elements within products and understanding similarities between professional e-sport players and software power users. He is currently an adjunct instructor at Neumont College of Computer Science, where he shares his unique insights and expertise in product design and gamification with the next generation of innovators. Bret holds a Nielsen Norman Group UX Masters Certification, a PMC-V certification from the Pragmatic Institute, and has also given a TEDx  talk on game and software convergence.

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